November is an everyday performance/ritual that is undertaken collaboratively by a group of people.

Participants are invited to come together to perform this ritual (online or offline or both).

At least one of the participants should grow garlic especially for the performance, and ensure that all participants have at least one whole bulb for use during the performance.

Each participant finds and prepares a number of texts (from diverse sources) around Halloween, darkness and death.

During the performance participants read the texts aloud and in response to the other material being read out.

Each participant is invited to simultaneously talk and listen to others.

Gaps of silence are encouraged. When a participant stops reading and is listening, he or she may eat a clove of garlic.

The participants will be able to see and hear each other during the performance and are free to improvise and respond to each other throughout.
Participants are asked to give 60 seconds of silence at the end of the performance, although it is not possible to pre-define when the end will be.

Participants are asked to give 60 seconds of silence at the beginning of the performance, after which time any one of the participants can speak first.