November emerged in response to a reluctance to encounter the death and decay of winter: as a contemporary ritual to mark the change of season from summer to winter, and to prepare the soul for death. 

November is a networked performance employing peer-to-peer instant messaging software and audio visual exchange via webcam that unfolds as four participants respond to a set of fragile and ultra-thin protocols (rules of engagement and framework) devised by glorious ninth. The work is made up of a number of elements:  protocols, notes, garlic, prepared and improvised texts, web platform, everyday performance/ritual and peer-to-peer networking technology. The protocols were devised as a means to imagine a transformative encounter between the elements and the participants. 

The work, then, is made up of a devised and replicable set of protocols/framework within which participatory activities take place.  The ways in which the participants engage with and challenge the framework is as much part of the work as the protocols themselves. The work is similar in form to the generative visuals and sound of earlier work, in that there are a number of discrete elements whose relation with each other is effected to some extent by the protocols/algorithms.  The elements become layered and different tempos and dynamics emerge and fade; transformation – change brought about through the interaction/encounter of elements – becomes visible and audible.