four-way chat


November is an everyday performance/ritual made up of several different elements:

#1 Garlic
#2 Prepared and improvised texts
#3 Protocols
#4 Notes
#5 Documentation of performance

This particular performance of November is a networked encounter for four people, web cam, found texts and prepared garlic.

Patrick Simons and Kate Southworth (glorious ninth) in collaboration with Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett (

launched at: -
Time: 9 minutes and 41 seconds before midnight (GMT).
Date: 31st October 2006.

Join us as we cast out the stale air of the fading summer and move together into winter. Celebrating Halloween and the changing of the season, we come together online to exchange our collected thoughts across the Internet whilst each eating garlic cloves.

Tech Spec

i-Chat (peer-to-peer instant messaging)
4 video cameras